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We are much more than a women's fashion store. We are a community who love any opportunity to support those in need and give back.




Human life, animals, homes, communities,towns and livelihoods have perished or are fighting for survival. The recovery and rebuild from these catastrophic bushires is complex and will be an ongoing issue for Australians over the coming months and years. We have created a godfund me page to help raise vital funds for the Australian Red Cross. Whilst we are only a small online business, every bit counts no matter how big or small!. There are currently people out there doing it really tough who have lost and continue to lose EVERYTHING.  We want to thank each and every single one of you from the bottom of our hearts who have donated. You guys are legends <3


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Lord Mayor&#39;s Distress Relief Fund | City of Perth

At least 71 homes lost to Perth bushfire as WA faces &#39;disasters on two  fronts&#39;

Image source: DFES

The Wooroloo Bushfire has already destroyed 71 hoomes and unfortunately that is likely to rise. Many residents will be unable to return to their property for days or even weeks. It feels wrong to be going about normal life whilst people in our own state are staring down the barrel of losing everything! The Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund has just been activated and is Western Australia's official State Emergency Fund. ALL funds donated go directly to the victims of this fire emergency. We decided to create a fundraiser page on Facebook to encourage our TMS community to donate and help ease the financial burden for those people in need. Facebook pays all the processing fees for you, so 100% of your donation goes directly to the charity. 

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